Your Guide To Roofs And Gutters

Installing an all-weather roof is an integral part of any homeowner’s exterior home improvement plan. When preparing to tackle a roofing project, a homeowner must first become familiar with the various products available and decide which work best for their roof. A new shingle roof adds curb appeal to a home and also protects it from the weather, making it a sound investment.

All weather roofing is not a home improvement project to be entered into lightly. Many homeowners choose to contract this work out as part of their home improvement plan. If they do so, it is wise to seek several estimates from qualified licensed contractors before proceeding.

Regardless of whether contracting the workout or doing it themselves, homeowners should consider including new gutters in the home improvement plan. Qualified roofing contractors can inspect the gutters while on site for the roof bid and include a gutter replacement in their proposals if need be.

For those handy homeowners who decide to take on their roofs, several important details should not be missed when putting together a budget for the job. First of all, a detailed measurement should be taken to ensure that material costs are under control prior to commencing work. Second, the homeowner must decide whether renting tools/equipment, such as a dumpster, will be necessary, and figure these costs into the overall picture.

Third, any needed labor to help get the work done should be estimated to round out the financial picture for the entire roofing project. None of these details are small ones in terms of their importance. It is critical to have a handle on the total financial cost of the project before the shingle roof tear-off begins.

Once the project has begun, and tear-off is underway, any rotted roof sheathing can be replaced, and any need for pest control easily detected. Often a home improvement project such as a new roof is the only opportunity a homeowner has even to become aware of an existing pest problem. As an overall part of a home’s exterior, a new roof goes a long way toward protecting home values and adding beauty as well.

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