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The milieu or terrain of all living processes is an omnipresent colloidal state. The colloidal state originates from colloidal minerals. Colloidal minerals are minerals suspended in water, not dissolved, and they have three principle properties without which life as we know it could not exist. Colloidal minerals (i) form organized states between themselves, (ii) they structure and organize water itself, and (iii) they ignite oxidation and reduction reactions which are both the precursors to as well as the ongoing centerpiece to metabolism in general. In higher life forms and especially human tissues, the colloidal state is the causal determinant of either: (a) optimal cellular health, immunity and healing capacity or (b) disease. The war between health and disease is being perpetually waged through the highly organizing and energizing dynamics of colloidal minerals which give vitality and full capacity to the colloidal state. All infectious and degenerative processes become inoperative in highly organized and energized colloidal milieus catalyzing highly evolved redox reactions. All higher life forms evolved by harnessing this heightened state of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), while lower life forms continually prove they are unable to do so. Once understood, the balance of power in this war may be reproducibly shifted to induce a disease-free, optimal health state.


The vision of IMREF is to perfect effective intervention protocols against disease by optimally restoring the intracellular milieu of higher life forms. This vision is now made possible through the emerging discoveries arising within the nanosciences and nanotechnology industry at large. IMREF clearly sees that such medical techniques can be fundamentally accomplished by first fully elucidating and then secondly exploiting the entire orchestra of energy rich nano- or pico- scalar mineral hydrosols, especially uniform nano- or pico-scalar oligodynamic silver hydrosol.


IMREF is charged to conduct scientific research and to provide medical education to the public and health care community at large regarding how exactly and reproducibly this war is won at its causal levels with oligodynamic mineral hydrosols, and in particular, nano- or pico-scalar oligodynamic silver hydrosol.


IMREF will forge alliances with which it will accomplish research into the frontiers of infectious disease and also explore regenerative events possible within higher life forms. Through these alliances, publications and educational symposiums will be perfected to successfully inform the general public and health communities at large. Lastly, IMREF will strive to conduct itself under the highest scientific standards in order to endow upon its member researchers the pre-requisite scientific merits necessary to earn nominations for the Nobel Prize in medicine.

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