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China: September 2006

In September of 2006, our Executive Director, Dr. John Apsley, was invited to speak at a silver conference in China. His presentation entitled Nanotechnology Discovers Universal Pathogen Solution: Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UPOSH) was well received. A copy of his slides are available at the link below.

Download powerpoint slides

At the 5th China International Silver Conference, the Chinese delegation kindly supplied IMREF with 5 rotating translators fluent in multiple languages. Real time translation into about a dozen different languages were broadcasted over wireless Bosch receivers and headphones available to all attendees.

The Chinese always had on hand premium bottled water for the non-alcohol drinking attendees.

Fortunately IMREF's Executive Director spoke on the first day of the conference when all 400 attendees were fresh and awake.

The audio-visual technology of the conference was top rate, and IMREF's Executive Director found it quite easy to click all the buttons labeled in Chinese to advance the Power Point presentation on Silver in Medicine.

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