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PHP version   4.0.6 5.3.29 OK  
Perl-compatible regular expressions   On On OK  
PHP Server API   CGI CGI/FastCGI Warning It is recommended to use Server API = CGI
MySQL support is ...   On On OK  
safe_mode   0 0 OK  
register_long_arrays   1 0 Failed Please check php.ini to correct problem
disabled functions list   Not (exec, popen, pclose, ini_set) OK  
file_uploads   1 1 OK  
upload_max_filesize   2M 10M OK  
magic_quotes_gpc   1 0 Warning Emulation is used
magic_quotes_runtime   0 0 OK  
magic_quotes_sybase   0 0 OK  
register_globals   1 0 Warning Emulation is used

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Directory Permissions Required Comments
(root) /home/imref/public_html 40750 xx755
(customer) 40750 xx755
(admin) /admin 40755 xx755
(provider) /provider 40755 xx755
(partner) /partner not exists xx755

Immunogenic Research Foundation

Welcome to the Immunogenic Research Foundation Home Page.
IMREF is a non-profit foundation actively conducting scientific research and providing medical education about using oligodynamic mineral hydrosols to effectively intervene against disease and restore strength and integrity to the human immune system.

Explore the site to find the results of our ongoing research, trustworthy, referenced medical educational information, access to conferences and publications, and a community where healthcare professionals can interact and explore new results and protocols.

Respiratory tract infections that spread from air-traveler to air-traveler are a key concern of the World Health Organization (WHO). By bringing along a small spray bottle of 10 parts per million (ppm) oligodynamic silver hydrosol with you as you board your airplane, you and your family may find yourselves adequately protected from a number of serious air borne infections.

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