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Safety of Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosols

It has finally become recognized that when addressing metal toxicity concerns such as silver or silver compounds, it is the type (speciation) of metal compound or formulation that is all-important. There are no toxicity studies reporting adverse events with silver (i.e., argyria) that were focused exclusively on pure silver. Silver as it occurs in compounds, appears to be the source of all reports on silver’s possible toxicity to higher life forms.

Microbial Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR)

Newsweek reported in 1992 that 13,000 hospital patients died from drug resistant infections. The startling news was that this mortality rate climbed to 70,000 for the very next year. As a result, the CDC in 1994 declared this health crises as America’s number one health issue. Today, over 2 million Americans suffer with nosocomial super germ infections. In fact, other the industrial countries such as Great Britain are reporting an infection rate for super germs that exceeds 3.5 per 1,000 hospital admissions. This translates into a stunning 350 patients per 100,000 patients admitted. Simply stated, those numbers are approaching epidemic levels within many hospitals throughout the industrialized world.

Has Nanotechnology Given Us The Latest Silver Bullet for Dealing with Our Most Serious Infections?

If you have spent time on the Internet researching how best to protect your family from common infections or even from SARS or the Avian Flu, you have probably run across information on colloidal silver. You may even have read that it has been around for thousands of years as a microbial agent. But did you know that you already have silver in your diet? Whole wheat and mushrooms contain relatively large amounts of silver, and have been a part of our diet for many ages.

Silver Hydrosol Informed Consent Agreement

A prewritten consent argreement for professionals to use when giving silver hydrosol treatments to their patients.

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